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Where to Start with a Facial for Summer: Our Staff’s Top 5 Favorites Discover the ultimate summer skincare rejuvenation at JK Aesthetic medical spa with our curated selection of top 5 trending facials, favored by fashion editors for achieving that radiant glow: 1. HydraFacial Begin your summer skincare journey with the renowned HydraFacial, a multi-step […]

Boost Your Summer Glow with JK Aesthetics Summer is here, and there’s no better time to give your skin the care it deserves. At JK Aesthetics, we’re thrilled to offer three fantastic bundles designed to enhance your summer glow. These exclusive promotions are available until August 31, 2024, so don’t miss out! Choose from 3 […]

Plane ticket unnecessary! Get That K-Beauty Glow: Korean Beauty Lasers at JK Aesthetics Hey skincare junkies, ever wondered how your favorite K-pop idols and K-drama stars have that flawless, glass-like skin? The secret’s out—Korean beauty lasers are here, and they’re changing the game. If you’re ready to level up your skincare routine and get that […]

The Ultimate Summer Protection: Elta Sunscreens EltaMD sunscreens are the epitome of chic, effective sun protection, beloved by skincare aficionados and experts alike. These luxurious formulations feature transparent zinc oxide, delivering broad-spectrum UV defense while pampering your skin. Unlike many sunscreens that leave a greasy residue, EltaMD products are feather-light, non-comedogenic, and perfect for all […]

Unlock Youthful Radiance with a Liquid Lift: Your Ultimate Guide Unlocking a more youthful and revitalized appearance without the need for invasive surgery is the hallmark of a liquid lift. This advanced cosmetic procedure utilizes injectable fillers and neurotoxins to rejuvenate and lift specific areas of the face, including the cheeks, jawline, brows, and more. […]

Embrace the Future of Beauty: Thread Lift Non-Surgical In the ever-evolving world of aesthetic enhancements, the thread lift has emerged as a revolutionary non-surgical solution, redefining how we lift and sculpt our facial contours. At, we’re thrilled to introduce you to this cutting-edge treatment that promises to elevate your natural beauty with minimal downtime […]

Discover the Beauty Benefits of Chemical Peels Chemical peels offer a multifaceted approach to achieving healthier, more radiant skin. Here’s why they’re favored by skincare enthusiasts looking to enhance their complexion: Skin Exfoliation and Pore Unclogging Chemical peels are renowned for their ability to exfoliate the skin deeply. By removing dead skin cells and unclogging […]