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2023 Fall Laser Promotion

2023 Fall Laser Package Promotion

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save your skin!

You might (or might not) use sunscreen, but the sun still does its damage. If your concerns are about hyperpigmentation, dehydration/dryness, and/ wrinkles, this package is for you!

This year’s Fall Package consists of picosure laser, hollywood carbon peel, aqua facial, oxygen treatment, and stemcell microneedling!

  • PICOSURE – improves age spots, freckles, sun damage, pigmented lesions (fine lines and wrinkles)
  • AQUA FACIAL – hydrates and cleanses the surface of the skin
  • OXYGEN FACIAL – repairs and hydrates damaged cells
  • HOLLYWOOD PEEL – deep cleanses & tightens large pores, and improves unwanted pigmentation
  • STEMCELL MICRONEEDLING – rejuvenates skin, reduces scarring, improves collagen production, and reorganizes the skin for a smoother look and feel.
The promotion ends October 15, 2023

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phone: 718-229-6050


  • You must use the entire contents of the package within one year.
  • Refunds for individual items are not possible, but exchanges for services of the same level are possible after consultation due to skin type or allergy.